About SETimpression

We believe that good and effective marketing can be achieved
only through building authentic relationships
between the people and the brand.

Our mission is to make the digital world a better place
and in the process to make the people happy with your brand
– and make you some good money too.

  • Create a modern

  • Set up your
    social media presence

  • Produce captivating
    content and copy

  • Give you brand
    a face

  • Create branded

  • Build effective
    e-mail campaigns

  • Show on top
    of competition

  • Make sure they
    will find your business

  • Target the right

Principles & Values

How we do business…

Client-centric in essence

We aim to serve your needs in the most effective way; even if you don’t realize it at first. We serve your true not your perceived needs. Sometimes this means that we have to say ‘no’. The client is not always right. And we have the right to tell her so, when her best interest isn’t served by her biases.

Offer true value

“Value” is a word used a lot these days. For us, though, it is not just a word; it’s a token of trust and worth. We aspire to offer you true value through our services and our established business relation.

Work hard on smart projects

There is this popular notion that you don’t need to work hard; you need to work smart. Wrong! That talent (that rare bird) can save you the perspiration. Wrong! That you can somehow outsmart the system. Wrong! No amount of plain cleverness ever got the job done. You have to put in the work – deliberate, hard, consistent work. Just be smart about how and what you are working on; but work on it nevertheless. And we are more eager to work on your project than a really eager beaver is for his dam.

Quality Assurance

As per value, we aspire to offer services of the best quality, with a passion for constantly upgrading and keeping up with the  always changing web environment. We aim first and foremost at your satisfaction with the end product and service. We guarantee that we will deliver what best serves your needs.

Be steadfast and trustworthy

Apart from building websites, organize businesses, planning and carrying out promotional campaigns and other cool stuff, we establish relationships. We aspire to be your trusted partner, although we know nobody really wants another partner in their business – but you got the point. Our most valued prize is the trust of our clients. And we treasure it like gold.

See – and paint the whole picture

We do not hold partial solutions in high esteem – and you shouldn’t either. The world, both digital and natural, is a huge mess of interconnected chaos. That’s why it seems to have a brain of its own. Hint: an abnormal, delirious brain still counts as a brain. But that’s also why a well calculated poke can generate a massive response. A response that you’ll like. Only when you take into account and incorporate the whole picture into your designs can your approach be effective and efficient.

Do not settle for established practices

If apathy is death, then stagnation is the hellish pit that spawns all vices. While reading that first needlessly poetic sentence, the digital world has already changed towards the better (more or less). We love to acquire new knowledge. We love to implement cool new techniques. We love the entrepreneurial spirit and mentality.

Dream big, think bigger

We have big dreams and massive ideas. Dreaming, although vital, is not a particularly difficult procedure. Thinking, on the other hand, is. We fancy both and shy away form neither. Our dreams will formulate your digital world; our ideas are going to create it.